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4:00 pm - Mon, Aug 8, 2011
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Last week we announced that the latest addition to the Uncollection — the rebranded lemon-keeper above — would be given by creator Rubi McGrory (in connection with her Object Permanence project) to whoever could come up with the most creative reuse idea for the thing.

Rubi reports:

Thanks to everyone for such great suggestions of the most creative re-use for a lemon keeper.

Perhaps I have allowed myself to become a wee bit influenced by the latest episode of Project Runway, where the challenge was to create an outfit from items available at a pet store. There was no room for ho-hum, with the goal to push each material’s use far beyond its original intent. (I firmly believe the birdseed dress should have won.)

It was with a similar spirit of creativity in which this contest was offered. I have combed through the responses and have no choice but to award the prize to Ellonyia, who will turn the lemon keeper into a bike crash helmet for her Boston Terrier. She has promised photos. Lemon keeper goes in the mail today because we can’t wait to see the final product.

Suffice it to say we too would be very interested in seeing those photos.

Thanks, Rubi, and congrats to Ellonyia!

11:00 am - Mon, Aug 1, 2011
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Another addition to our Uncollection, so soon? In fact, yes. And this one is unusual (although I guess they’re all unusual).

Friend of Unconsumption Rubi McGrory recently launched an un-consuming project of her own, called Object Permanence. More below, but the upshot is that she’s getting rid of a bunch of things in a bunch of creative ways — including the object you see above. (A “lemon keeper.” It’s plastic.) In this instance, she’s giving the object as a prize, to whoever can offer the best answer to this question:

What is the best possible re-use for this object?

Head over to Rubi’s site to offer your response (and, really, to read the entertaining responses so far). The object you see … could be yours!

And yes, to make that prospect even more appealing, as you can see, she has hand-painted none other Mr. (or Ms.) Cart, the famous Unconsumption logo, onto the object.

Here’s a bit more from Rubi about Object Permanence:

I am an accumulator. I don’t know if it is genetic (I come from hoarder stock) or that I am overly sentimental. I find myself surrounded by an odd array of objects: an undergrad color theory project circa 1989, a mojo-less rubber chicken, two identical spiral hole punches, 7 pair of crappy sunglasses, all these stripey beach towels — in addition to the things I use, cherish, or actively collect (respectively: sparkly embroidery floss, bobble headed Buddha and postcards, among many others).

In an attempt to free myself of the bonds of this stuff, I am examining what each piece means to me before breaking up with it. Without fail, there is a memory imbedded in the object, either of its giver, where it is from, my history with it, my possible future with it, or a simple association with something else entirely.  By extracting this meaning through writing about it, then photographing the object, I no longer feel chained to its ownership. I release the object to go forward in another life, to create new memories through upcycling, donation, sale, or gifting.

Check out the Object Permanence project-in-progress at for more. And enjoy more of Rubi’s work — she’s a talented crafter, artist, and writer — at

And don’t forget to weigh with your object-reuse idea, for a chance to win the world’s first and (so far) only Unconsumption-logoed plastic lemon keeper!

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